Workshops From Hell

In over 30 years of attending continuing education presentations in order to, well, continue her education, Doc Righteous really thought she had seen it all. But today’s experience took the cake. She now has new things to add to her list of Things Presenters Should Never, Ever Do–and this morning’s presenter committed three of them in his first three sentences.

The Top Ten Things Presenters Should Never, Ever Do

10. Read from your notes

9. Ignore your notes

8. Digress from your notes

7. Fail to give a break halfway through, thereby denying attendees a chance to exit early and gracefully.

6. Download all your handouts directly from the public domain.

5. Put your entire presentation word for word on slides.

4. Allow attendees to ask questions throughout your presentation.

3. Announce at the outset that this is a completely new subject area for you and that you really don’t know anything about it.

2. Announce at the outset that you not only have no expertise in the subject matter at hand, but that you are counting on the very workshop attendees whom you are supposed to be instructing to help you out.

1. Announce at the outset that you are not going to talk about the very thing you were hired to talk about.


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