Who, me?

Here’s the thing. Dr. Righteous wasn’t even being self-righteous at the time. No, she wasn’t on her high horse about anything, wasn’t telling anyone how they should live their own lives, and damned if that’s not exactly what she’s  in trouble for.

Oh, well.

Life is ironic, isn’t it?

The good Doc will probably blog it one day, in all its hairy details, but her best friend says it’s not a good idea, even anonymously. (Her best friend thinks it’s better to write a novel, and publish it under her own name. Dr. Righteous doesn’t understand that logic. But never mind.)

Briefly, Doc R. stepped on someone’s (un)ethical toes at work, entirely by accident. Now their toes are all bruised and they’re acting like it’s her fault. This is not the first time in her professional career that this has happened, but usually when she steps into the shit, it is with malice aforethought.

Once she got in trouble for calling a sexual-harasser — well , not to put too fine a point on it, a sexual harasser. She was told that was libel and she could get in trouble. She could get in trouble?? What about Sex-Boy? What about the admin for allowing a hostile work environment to persist?

On another occasion, a colleague got all pissed off at the Doc for saying, “you can’t do that” (bill one marital therapy session as two, separate individual sessions). OK, let’s rephrase that: Honey, you can do whatever you want, but it’s insurance fraud. That better?

It never ceases to amaze Dr. Righteous that people are not happy to have the error of their ways pointed out to them. Even accidentally.


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